Because landlord-tenant laws vary among states, many Atlanta transplants do not understand their rights or obligations. We have over 25 years of experience in landlord-tenant issues, and can provide expert counsel for any landlord-tenant situation. Common landlord-tenant issues we manage concern contracts, security deposits, discrimination, eviction notices, property safety and repairs, privacy issues and resulting credit reporting.

Our firm has handled numerous landlord tenant issues in Court. As landlord tenant lawyers we can assist in simple dispossessory matters, and can represent clients in complex landlord tenant disputes, whether commercial or residential. We also assist clients with review and analysis of leases and represent clients in mediation, arbitration and litigation relating to landlord tenant issues.

Landlords & Property Owners

For landlords we advise on leases and prepare and file dispossessory notices. A top benefit of our services for landlords is that we can counsel landlords on how to avoid the violation of tenant’s rights during evictions, during entry of premises or from communications to tenants. We also offer effective debt collections services.


For tenants we advise them of their legal rights and represent them in dispossessory actions. We can assist tenants in the review of leases, disputes over deposit refunds, filing lawsuits against landlords, discrimination, and represent tenants against legal actions filed by landlords.

Most landlord tenant disputes can be resolved through simple negotiations, mediation, arbitration, or in small claims court. If necessary, we can provide assertive client representation for a jury trial in Superior Court.

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