What does it cost to hire an attorney?

We employ various fee arrangements, the most common of which is hourly. The hourly rate for our attorney varies based on their experience. At times, we charge flat fees, contingency fees, and split fees which are a combination of a lower hourly rate and a lower contingency fee.

Can I recover my attorney fees?

The only way to recover attorney fees in Georgia is if you have a contractual provision that provides for a recovery of attorney fees or there is an applicable statute. Simply employing an attorney to send a demand letter or negotiate a settlement does not typically involve the other side paying your attorney fees.

Can you guarantee that I will win my case?

No attorney can ever guarantee that you will win your lawsuit. If an attorney makes that promise to you, find another attorney.

Why should I settle when I know I am right?

Litigation or arbitration is time consuming and expensive. You will not recover your personal time that you devote to the case nor the lost opportunities from spending time meeting with your attorney and preparing for your case. There are three sides to every case, and while you may think you are right, your fate rests in the hands of a judge, jury or arbitrator. You can have the best case in the world and lose and visa versa. Settlement, which involves compromise, allows you to control your destiny and move on. Most clients are business people, contractors, teachers, artists or homeowners, not litigants.

What kind of matters do you not handle?

We do not provide legal services relating to wills, trust or estate matters, divorces, family matters, or personal injuries. If you have any questions about the areas of the law in which we can assist, please call the office.