Commercial debt collections is an integral part of our legal practice. Our law firm has over 25 years of commercial collection law experience. Our firm knows how to aggressively pursue the payment of receivables without violating federal or state laws regarding collection practices.

At Merbaum & Becker, P.C. we assist clients in all aspects of collections from simple demand letters to lawsuits and garnishments. Working as your commercial debt collections agency, we will employ the necessary means to engage delinquent parties at whatever level is required to obtain payment.

Commercial Collections Practices

We first want our clients to know that everything we do is ethical and legal. Our collection practices are done in full compliance with all applicable laws governing debt collection. Second, we start with an appropriate level of engagement with available escalation measures as may be required.

We typically send out a 10 day demand letter. If the demand is unsuccessful, we advise the client as to his or her options, which can include the filing of a lawsuit in either Superior Court or Magistrate Court. If a judgment is obtained, we take the necessary steps to perfect and collect the judgment, including post-judgment discovery, garnishment or attachment.

Don’t give up too quickly. Sometimes a debtor files bankruptcy, which many individuals believe destroys their right to recover. A bankruptcy may not necessarily mean that you will not collect what is owed. Depending upon the amount at stake (so as not to throw good money after bad), we investigate, by way of production of documents and depositions, whether the debtor improperly transferred assets which could result in a denial of a discharge or a source of recovery from third parties that participated in the fraudulent transfer.

Ethical and Professional Collection Services

We are completely ethical, professional and law-abiding in our collection practices. Our collections process fully adheres to the strict requirements of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Any violation of these laws could make you, or your business, subject to fines or legal action. As your collections attorney we can mitigate your exposure from the collections process.

The attorneys and legal staff at the Merbaum & Becker, P.C. are available weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. To arrange for a consultation simply call 678-393-8232 or contact us online.

Common Services

Common collections legal services that we provide include:

  • 10 Day Demand Letters
  • Small Claims Lawsuits
  • Superior Court Lawsuits
  • Post-judgment Discovery
  • Garnishments & Attachments
  • Negotiate Payment Schedules

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Nationwide Service

Through our network of attorneys we can provide collection services anywhere in the United States. This is especially important if your case requires representation in courts that are outside of the State of Georgia.